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 The universe and the man have been rooted from the five essential components of nature. These are known as the "Panchamababhutas" or the 'Panchatavas'. These five components hold an exceptionally essential position in a man's life. The person gets all his nurturing and life supporting energies from these components of nature. These Panchamahabhutas (Five Elements) are – Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Ether. Man gets all his outside energies from the outer sources which are daylight, high temperature, sound, water and air. His inside wellsprings of vitality are sugars, proteins, fats and minerals and so forth. Obviously that at the base of all these sources is the Panchamahabhutas (Five Elements). On the off chance that a fitting equalization is kept up among these flame components, then man heads his life cheerfully and gently. Irregularity between these components offers ascent to weakness, absence of riches and success and absence of true serenity. These five components additionally control the nature. Their lopsidedness in nature makes storms, hurricanes, quakes, surges, volcanoes and other characteristic catastrophes. Goswami Tulsidas has said in Ramacharitmanas.

Implying that the human body is made up of the panchatatvas and at the end it gets restored back into them. It is the point at which the panchatatvas of the body are in amicability with the panchatatvas of the nature then life moves in an adjusted and sorted out way. The building materials of a house are additionally made up of these five components. On the off chance that these materials are not in legitimate quantity then they will unfavorably influence the individuals who live in the house. With the result they will confront mental, profound, social and monetary issues. They will additionally experience the ill effects of weakness and other fluctuated sorts of issues. Thus for heading an euphoric life a decent adjust of panchatatvas vitality.

Vastu Energy

1. Ether (Space) Akash

Space is that component of nature which is the most generally spread. Space is interminable and spreads up to time everlasting. There is no spot in the universe where space does not exist. Gravitational power, magnetic energy, radioactive beams, infrared beams' ultraviolet beams, light beams and the beams originating from the planets are all present in space. Indeed the endowment of sound is given to us by this component of ether. Without this component sound is unrealistic. Sound is created by the vacuum of the space, medium of the earth and air. A house or a building secures its component of ether in extent to the stature of its dividers. The arch of a temple or a Gurdwara and the curve of a mosque symbolize richness of ethereal component. On the off chance that dividers of a house are low in tallness, then one gets an inclination of suffocation because of absence of ether component. In such circumstances ether component does not create completely in the body. Subsequently we ought to develop the house in such a route in order to get most extreme profit of the unmistakable and imperceptible energies of the nature.

2. Air (Vayu-Wind)

Plants and living organic entities get their life from air. Air stirs virility and imperativeness. Pretty much as air manages and keeps up our body, in a comparative way it additionally directs and keeps up the solid environment of a building. The earth is covered by a layer of gasses. This blanket of gasses is known as the atmosphere. The air is made up of diverse gasses in distinctive extent. 78% of the world's climate is made up of Nitrogen, which is fundamental for the development of all vegetation. 21% of the air is made up of oxygen which is crucial forever. It makes up around 1/5 of the climate. Alternate planets don't have oxygen and which the result they don't have life also. Carbon is available in a little amount of 0.03% in the environment as carbon monoxide (Co) and Carbon Dioxide (Co2). Separated from these, there air Concentration of the heavier and fundamental gasses is just up to around 5kms from the earth. At around 16kms from earth, because of the impact of Sunlight, oxygen gets changed over into ozone. One particle of Ozone contains three molecules of oxygen. This layer of ozone is most thick at about the stature of 23kms from earth. The Ozone layer is exceptionally imperative on the grounds that it ensures the earth from the hurtful radiations emitted by the Sun. On the off chance that the Ozone layer gets exhausted or harmed, then the temperature of the earth will climb massively and earth will confront the alarm of elimination. The ice will begin dissolving and an alarm of immersion will be made. By and large amid day time the plants assimilate carbon oxide from the environment for the photosynthesis and discharge oxygen, this methodology is switched amid evening. They begin engrossing oxygen and discharging carbon dioxide. Peepal tree is the main exemption to this standard. Carbon dioxide is unsafe for us, along these lines we ought not to rest close to the tress during the evening.

Contaminated Ishan

Greatly favorable ultraviolet (parabaigani) beams enter however the ishan kona, Pollution in this corner produces carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other destructive gasses which diminish or dispose of the impact of the ultraviolet beams. The building ought not to be close to a cremation ground. Cremation of the dead body produces carbon and other hurtful gasses. These have a hurtful impact on the human life. Sound and touch are two unique characteristics of the air component Touch produces sensation, which thusly delivers mindfulness or cognizance. Cognizance at last creates an activity or response. This is the purpose behind our moment response to the chill of winter or the heart or the westerly winds of summer. Air as an important endowment of nature .Air is a precious endowment of nature to humankind. Wind blows into the building however its entryways and windows, Hence exceptional consideration ought to be paid to the air inflow at the development stage. In India North bearing ought to be left open for the inflow of air. There ought to be a lot of windows and ventilators for cross ventilation in the house.

3. Fire (Heat)

Sun is our fundamental wellspring of vitality. Sun oriented vitality provides for us our hotness and light. Warm essentially is a type of flame. The earth pivots on its pivot furthermore rotates around the Sun. These developments of earth are the purposes behind day and night and for the structuring of seasons. The heart and light of the Sun alongside wind and downpour gives quality, essentialness, fearlessness and energy to the living creatures on earth. The vast majority of the provinces and settlements on the planet have been built in such a path in order to permit ideal inflow of sunlight based vitality into the house. However according to the saying Excess of anything is terrible, overabundance of Suns; hotness in the house is likewise awful. Individuals living in East confronting houses in the uneven areas continue confronting the hardships of an excess of heart. By the evening the searing heart of the Sun truly hearts up their homes and makes them extremely uncomfortable. Henceforth the blaze component ought to be sorted out in such a path, to the point that the house stays warm in winter and cool in summers.

4. Water

Water is an amazingly paramount component found on the earth. Water is an inventor of life. No living being or plant can get by without water. Water blankets 2/third of the whole surface of the earth. Lakes Rivers, lakes, oceans and seas are all the distinctive types of water spread over the earth. All these are spread in excess of 71% of the surface of the earth. Our earth is the main planet in the earth's planetary group which has water. That is the reason it is known as the blue planet. The warm demeanor of the air chills off as it climbs upwards and gets changed over into fluid structure and this spreads in the sky as mists. These mists give downpour, which gets gathered as lakes streams oceans and seas. This is the Water cycle which continues endlessly. One piece of oxygen stays disintegrated in water and all the life structures which live in water get their oxygen in this structure.

Seventy five percent of our whole body weight is made up of water. Our body obliges a lot of water of its survival. We can fall sick because of absence of water or get dried out. Separated from man, plants, creatures and the house likewise oblige a lot of water. Taste touch and sound are the exceptional characteristics of water.

While developing a house uncommon consideration ought to be paid to the wellspring of water. Enough water ought to be accessible for the house. The wellspring of water for everyday utilization ought to be in the North East or in ishan. Water gets dirtied effortlessly yet it continues getting decontaminated by the high temperature of the Sun. This rule is known as the electromagnetic range. There ought to additionally be a fitting waste framework so that there is no harm to the house in view of gathered water or downpour. It is paramount to have the wellspring of water in the promising heading.

5. Earth

Earth is a planet air, water and minerals are found on the earth. The upper layer of the earth is known as mud or soil. Stones, sand, iron and lime all are piece of the dirt. The magnets arranged towards the north and the south inside the earth, alongside the gravitational power of the earth, impact all the living and non-living tenants or the earth. Life began when the earth and alternate planets started to be. Hence the earth is otherwise called the mother earth. The thought behind Bhumi Poojan at the start of house development is to pay regards to mother earth. Life and home without earth is unfathomable.
Earth is the core of the attractive and gravitational strengths. On account of these strengths the earth can give a solidified base to the building and houses built on its surface. The state of soil and level of the earth vary from spot to place. The shape, level, appearance, shade and scent of the earth influences the house in diverse ways so it gets to be vital to consider the these parts of the area before finishing the plot other paramount characteristics of the earth are touch, sound, taste, odor and appearance.

Home of the Panchatatvas 

Because of their reflection and profound contemplation our esteemed rishis figured out that the panchatatavs control diverse headings and they likewise control the different body parts of the individual. They kept up that our body is made from these panchatavtavas and at the end of life the body gets reabsorbed into these five components. From dust to dust, as per the saying goes.

Ether + Fire + Air + Water + Earth = methodology of creation.

Air + water + Fire + Earth + Ether = methodology of demise.

 Five Components : 

Home of the five components in the body

Home of the five components in Hand

Ether - brain

Fire - shoulders

Air - naval

Earth - knees

Water - feet

Fire - thumb

Air - index finger

Ether - middle finger

Earth - ring finger

Water - little finger

An amicable harmony between the five components inside private house, shop, office, workshop, hotel, enclosure or in the mechanical or authority complex advertises all round advancement, achievement and life span. Henceforth development ought to be completed keeping up a decent harmony between the five components.

The significance of the all inclusive energies in house development

There are countless energies in the universe carrying on the methods of creation and annihilation constantly. In Vastu Shastra separated from the five components three different types of vitality are likewise considered.

1. Gravitational energy

2. Magnetic Forces

3. Solar Energy 

1. Gravitational Force

The earth has a force of attraction which is known as the energy of gravity. The velocity with which the earth pulls an item is straightforwardly relative to the weight of the article. If the item is more substantial, the earth can pull it towards her with a faster speed. In the event that protests of light weight then the earth can pull it towards her at a slower speed, remembering this guideline it might be dead set as to which land is suitable for which sort of development.
Strong area has as more prominent power of gravity, while land with detached soil or sand or hillocks forms lesser energy of gravity. Subsequently house developed on robust ground will be more lasting and steady than the house built on a detached ground or on sandy or sloping ground.


Magnetic force

Our whole universe is interconnected by the attractive energy. All the planets, star groupings and alternate stars are associated with one another by the same attractive energy. This power keeps up a certain equalization and separation between these sublime bodies and they continue moving persistently. The magnet has two posts North shaft and south post. Correspondingly our earth likewise has a north and a south shaft. The whole universe stays in steady movement due to the attractive fascination and aversion of the intensely bodies Even our body is influenced by these attractive waves. Our head is the North Pole while our feet are the South Pole. The fundamental guideline of attraction is that North Pole pulls in the South Pole and repulses the North post of an alternate body. This is the investigative explanation behind dozing with one's head towards the South course. In this way the world's attractive waves stream unreservedly through our body and we rest soundly.


Solar Energy

Sun is the fundamental wellspring of vitality for the earth. The Sun provides for us high temperature light and vitality. It makes our life dynamic and lively. The Sun light achieves some part or the other of the earth constantly. The sorts of beams arriving at the earth for the duration of the day rely on upon the edge from where they achieve the earth. Contingent upon the point they are partitioned into three sorts. The beams landing in the morning are called Parabaigani, the ones landing the base toward the evening are called Varnakram prakash and the ones landing at night are called, Raktabh rays. The early morning beams are not extremely hot. They provide for us vitamin D and are fit for eradicating germs. As the beams turn redder, they become painful Because of this logical thinking it is prudent to keep the East direction more viable and the west bearing less viable. The morning sun has the capacity to enter uninhibitedly and give advantageous vitality and in the meantime kill unsafe germs and microorganisms. To keep away from the Raktabh beams of the night, lesser windows should be there in the West side and number of trees can also be planted in the west.