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Industrial Vastu

For development of a country Industrial Development is very essential for its development.

Industries have been classified in three categories:

  • Cottage Industries,
  • Small - scale industries,
  • Heavy Industries.

In Industrial Vastu also the fundamental theories are the same. Rules should be applied by maintaining the balance between cosmic energy and Panchamahabhootas. In Industrial Vastu also soil is tested as it is done in commercial Vastu. Likewise, quality of soil, its slope, its shape and size and the evil and auspicious effects of the things found while digging the plot and the way to it are considered. in Industrial Vastu also a lion - shaped plot of land can be chosen as in the commercial Vastu. Basement should not be built in industrial Vastu. Well, boring, Pooja Ghar, garden, kitchen, generator, staircase, overhead tank, lavatory, dining half, store and treasury should be built or installed there in the directions fixed for them as it is done in the commercial Vastu. Apart from these some more points are given below:

  1. Ways in every direction of an industrial plot of land are considered to be auspicious.
  2. Main gate of the factory is said to be the best if it is in east or north.
  3. Main building of the factory should be built in the west or south in a way that much space on the plot may fail vacant in the east and the north.
  4. No column, beam or any other construction should be built above the Brahmasthan of the plot.
  5. Heavy machines can be installed to the south, west or South West of the factory.
  6. Generator, boiler, fireplace and electric meter can be installed in the Agneya Kona of the factory.
  7. Store for raw materials can be built in South West.
  8. Manufactured goods of the factory should be kept in North West for quick selling.
  9. Administrative office of the factory can be built in the north of it.
  10. Workshop of the machines can be built in the west.
  11. Research and development unit can be built in the east.
  12. Assembling unit can be built in the east or north.
  13. Staff quarters can be built in North west whereas that of the officers in west or South west.
  14. Parking of small vehicles can be built in South east whereas the heavy ones in North West.
  15. Chimney of the factory should never be installed in north — eastern corner.
  16. Chemicals etc. should be kept in south.
  17. Welding can be one in South east.
  18. Iron should be stored in west.
  19. Curd and milk should be stored in North west.
  20. Scraps of the factory should not be stored for long, rather it should be sold.
  21. No worker should sit or no machine should be installed under a beam.
  22. While working, the workers should be facing north or east.
  23. There must not be any dirt or darkness in the north eastern corner of the factory.
  24. No heavy thinas or heavy machinery should be kept on the Brahmsthan of the plot.