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Today scope of commercial Vastu is growing fast. In scope of this Vastu, there come shops, showrooms, offices, banks, schools, clinics and hospitals, educational Institutes, restaurants, hotels, casinos, bars, petrol pumps, clubs, beauty parlours, cinema halls and banquet halls etc. For commercial Vastu, the usual Vastu theory is applied. Rules should be applied by maintaining the balance of universal energies and five elements of Vastu. In commercial Vastu testing of soil, quality of soil, slope of plot, shape of plot, good and evil effects of the things found while digging the plot and the way to the site are considered exactly the way it is done in Domestic Vastu.

There are a few differences in some rules. For example, a lion-shaped plot of land is not considered to be auspicious for Domestic Vastu whereas it is auspicious for commercial Vastu. in Domestic Vastu, basement should be built in north and east—away from the Brahmasthan and no beam or column should fall on it. In Domestic Vastu, gate is usually not built in south. But in a temple and commercial Vastu gates can be built in every direction. Templet ate not considered tri be auspicious if they are situated near Domestic Vastu, but in commercial Vastu they are considered to be auspicious. All the points and rules mentioned above in Domestic Vastu will be applied in commercial Vastu also the same way. Well. boring, Pooja Ghar, garden, kitchen, generator, staircase, overhead tank, lavatory, diningroom, store and treasury should be there in the directions as fixed in Domestic Vastu. Apart from these, some rules are given below that are useful for commercial vastu.

42 points for Commercial Vastu:

  1. The owner of the commercial house should sit in south western portion (Nairritya) in such a way that he should be facing north or east.
  2. The goods in the shop and showroom should be kept in south, west and North west.
  3. Salesman at the sales counter should be facing east or north.
  4. No beam should be there over the cash counter, above the owner or the manager.
  5. Heavy or less useful goods should be kept in the South west of shop/showroom.
  6. Goods should be kept in the North West for brisk selling.
  7. Entrance of the main office should be facing north or east.
  8. Canteen should be built in Agney Kona only.
  9. Cashier and the staff of accounts department should sit in north portion of the building.
  10. Gates of all the cabins should open inwards.
  11. Reception room should be near the entrance and the receptionist should be facing east or north.
  12. Decorative plants and flower - pots can be planted in north, east or north-eastern part of the reception room. 
  13. Swimming pool should be built in north or east of the building. 
  14. Odd number of stairs is considered to be auspicious. 
  15. Place of public conveniences should be built in Nairritya or western part of the buading. 
  16. Dining ha!t in a restaurant should be built in its western part. If necessary, it can be built in south and east also. 
  17. Kitchen in a restaurant can be built in Agney Kona whereas the distribution counter in Vayavya. 
  18. In hospital or nursing home, gate should not be built to its south. 
  19. Emergency ward of a hospital should be built near North west in the north. 
  20. intensive care unit room in a hospital should be built in North west. 
  21. Maternity ward in a hospital should be built between north - eastern corner and eastern portion of the building. 
  22. Operation theatre in a hospital should be built in west. 
  23. No ward should be built in South west. 
  24. Room for patients should not be built to the south of a hospital. 
  25. Head - rest of the patients should not be in the north. 
  26. Mortuary or post mortem hail can be built in the southern portion of a hospital. 
  27. Lift can be built in north or east. 
  28. Nurses' hostel should be built between North west and northern part of a hospital whereas doctors' hostel in west. 
  29. Screen in a cinema hall should be in North west or north. 
  30. Stadium of outdoor games in a club should be built in east, north or west. 
  31. Gymnasium in a club should be built in west but east facing.
  32. Bar in a club should not be built in west. 
  33. Rooms for practicing Yoga and contemplation should be built in north - eastern corner or east. 
  34. Classroom in a school should be built in east, north and west. 
  35. While in class, students should be facing north or east. 
  36. Staff room in a school should be either in North west or near the same. 
  37. Weighing Maching in a shop can be installed in west, south or North west. 
  38. Ice in an ice shop should be heaped in North west. 
  39. In an office of astrology, ephemeris and books should be kept right to the astrologers. 
  40. Medicines in a dispensary should not be kept in South west. 
  41. Drinking water should be kept in north - eastern corner of the building. 
  42. Samples of ready goods should be kept and the officers and staff of sales department should sit in North west of the shop.