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Commercial Vastu

Today scope of commercial Vastu is growing fast. In scope of this Vastu, there come shops, showrooms, offices, banks, schools, clinics and hospitals, educational Institutes, restaurants, hotels, casinos, bars, petrol pumps, clubs, beauty parlours, cinema halls and banquet halls etc. For commercial Vastu, the usual Vastu theory is applied. Rules should be applied by maintaining the balance of universal energies and five elements of Vastu. In commercial Vastu testing of soil, quality of soil, slope of plot, shape of plot, good and evil effects of the things found while digging the plot and the way to the site are considered exactly the way it is done in Domestic Vastu.

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Domestic Vastu

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51 Points for Domestic Vastu:

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Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu

For development of a country Industrial Development is very essential for its development.

Industries have been classified in three categories:

  • Cottage Industries,
  • Small - scale industries,
  • Heavy Industries.

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