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A bed-room has special importance while constructing a house. After a full day of tiring work, everybody needs adequate sleep in the night. Good sleep is necessary to feel rejuvenated when one gets up to tackle the next day with pep and vigour. Hence it is necessary to pay attention to the following, while locating the bed-room and the bed in it. 

  1. Bedroom should be towards South-West (Nairitya).
  2. Bedroom should not be in the room towards East. That spoils health.
  3. Bedroom in the Western side is considered to be very good. It is auspicious for the life.
  4. Sleeping in the Southern side room is very good for health.
  5. In the bedroom towards South-West, keep the bed leaving more space towards East and North.
  6. Bedroom should not be in the room towards North. It is harmful.
  7. While sleeping point the head towards South and feet towards North.
  8. Children’s bedroom may be towards North-East (Eshanya) or South-East (Aagneya). But this not the proper place for adults.
  9. If the bedroom is towards North-West (Vayawya), uneasiness of mind would not allow deep sleep.
  10. The bedroom for the guests should towards West-North-West. There, the guests would not stay for longer period.
  11. The South-West (Nairitya) corner in the bedroom should never be left empty.
  12. The bathroom, tub-bath, toilets, changing room should be towards North or West of the bedroom.
  13. Room for Gods’ deity should not be within the bedroom.
  14. The bedroom of the ‘Head-of the Family’ should be towards the West, in the    South-West (Nairitya) corner.
  15. If the house is multi-storied, the bedroom of the ‘Head-of Family’ should be towards South-West (Nairitya), on the upper floor. This place is also suitable for the eldest son.
  16. Children’s bedroom should not be towards West-South-West (WSW) or South-South-West (SSW). It can create unrest.
  17. The heavy items of furniture, wardrobe should toward South or West of the South-West (Nairitya). 
  18. The bed room may be in the South-facing room. But in any case, never point feet towards South.
  19. Bedroom of the newly married couple should not be towards East. Bedroom towards East is very good for kids.
  20. Bedroom for un-married sons, daughters and guests can be on the East.
  21. Bedroom of married persons should not be towards South-East (Aagneya). It causes wasteful expenditure, troubles and botherations.
  22. Bedroom should not be in the room towards North-East (Eshanya). It causes obstacles in progress, brings ailments and causes delay in the marriages of daughters.
  23. The walls in the bedroom may be colored in light green, pinkish yellow, light pink or grey. But never use white or yellow colored marble.
  24. TV, electric gadgets, heater etc should be kept in the South-East (Aagneya) corner of the bedroom.
  25. Reading or writing should be done in the Western part of the bedroom. But never in the Eastern part.
  26. Western side of the bedroom should have more open space for circulation of air. Bedroom should have small windows towards East and North. Almirahs or Show-cases built in the wall should be towards West.