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Pundit Roop Chand Ji Joshi had written Lal Kitab in Urdu language and this is the only book that contains the combination of Astrology, Palmistry and Vastu in it.

Theories mentioned in the book has base of Parashari system of Astrology but in new direction. In this article I would like to mention some Lal Kitab theories related to Vastu.


  • Sun (East) : Sun Light, Light, Office, Government related things, Main gate, Lamp, Windows
  • Moon (North-West) : Vessels used for storing water, Soap, Kerosene, Ice box, washing machine, fridge, cooking vessels, water tap, mother, water source and ancestral property.
  • Mars (South) : Dining hall or room, Brother, Needles, oven, electric stove, stove, fork, comb, iron box, fire, electric Heater, grinder, mixer, motor and Match box, knives, tongs, Land, fire and weaponry.
  • Mercury (North) : Accounts, Business area, Computer Room, Sister, Birds cage, Books, pens, pencils, papers, photographs, wall paintings, book shelves, reading table, Green land, green filed, treasury.
  • Jupiter (North-East) : Photographs and Images of deities, articles used for performing pooja i.e. Bell, agarbathi stand, dhoop stand, candle stand, place of worship, temple.
  • Venus (South-East) : Raw Land, raw wall, wife, flowers, Cot, bed, mat, cloths, dressing table, desk, sofa set, flower vase, chandelier, palanquin, pillow, bed sheet, cosmetics, mirror, show Case, Jewellery box, money box, almiarah, Stage, bed room.
  • Saturn (West) : Box, container, carry bags, doormat, dustbin, dining table, Crematory, Veerana (lonely place), uncle, iron items, tavern, old house.
  • RAHU (South-West) : Waste pipe, drain, Sack, Smoky place, broom, umbrella, blanket, curtains, Veerana (lonely place), Lavatory
  • Ketu (South-West, Centre ) : ventilator for sky light, rope, chain, wick, dog, fish pot, candle, thread, swing, wire, string, telephone, Cradle, sewing machine, mud pots.



  1. First house : Ancestral property may get ruined.
  2. Second house : Let the house be built in whatever condition.
  3. Third House : Native will always be interested in getting his house repaired. He should build a dark room at the end of his house.
  4. Fourth house : There will be black ants in abundance in the house. It will be painful for the mother of a native to dig the plinch of house or to build a new house in night.
  5. Fifth house : Native will have house of his own. House build before the 48th year of his age will prove to be inauspicious for this children.
  6. Sixth house : Construction of a house is possible between 36th to 39th years of the age of the native.
  7. Seventh house : Native should install brick of his ancestral house to his new house, that will be very auspicious and give him good fortune.
  8. Eighth house : Construction work will prove to be profitable.
  9. Ninth house : Native will have bliss of house. Profession of building construction will prove to be profitable. Things such as wooden there sold; firewood will prove inauspicious for the native it they are kept on the top of the roof of this house, So he should not keep these things at the top of the roof.
  10. Tenth house : Native will have to face some financial crisis for some times after building the house.
  11. Eleventh house : It is better for a native to build house at the age of 55 years. He will die of a disease if he build the main gate in south.
  12. Twelfth house : Native will have gain of many houses after 36th year of his age. He will not have gain of ancestral property. A dark room in the house will be auspicious. No gate or a window should be there on the last wall of the house.


  1. First house : Main gate in east will be auspicious.
  2. Second house : The native will build a temple or inn etc.
  3. Third house : Main Gate in south will be auspicious.
  4. Fourth house : Main Gate in north will be auspicious.
  5. Fifth house : Kitchen with the eastern wall will prove to be auspicious.
  6. Sixth house : Do not build a ventilator by breaking the eastern wall
  7. Seventh house : Main gate either in south or in west will prove to be auspicious.
  8. Eighth house : Main gate in south will be inauspicious.
  9. Ninth house : Do not keep an empty utensil in house with a lid over it.
  10. Tenth house : Do not build a ventilator in western wall.
  11. Eleventh house : Main gate in west will prove to be auspicious.
  12. Twelfth house : Main gate in east will be auspicious.