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About VaastuVed 


  • To proliferate and promote the study and research of Vastuvidya, the traditional technique of architecture in India and its related genre.
  • To organize programs for education and training including awareness courses, seminar, symposia, workshops, conferences on building sciences, rural and urban planning and such similar society uplifting subjects.
  • To train craftsmen in the application of principles and practices of Vastuvidya.
  • To arrange for publication of monographs, journals, reading materials and reference books.
  • To take up design and construction of different kinds of Vastu as parts of research of Vastuvidya.
  • To build institutes for fellowships, studentships etc for pursuing research on Vastuvidya.
  • To connect and co-operate with other organizations including universities, Government agencies to conduct promotional activities that fulfill the objectives mentioned above.


  • Administering research in Vastuvidya and correlated subjects and publishing those research documents, monographs, reference books, instruction aid, periodicals and etc for convenient availability to the masses.
  • Arranging and conducting awareness courses, workshops, seminars, symposia, etc on how to construct the rural and urban locations.
  • Designing and executing training programs with a view to help the technicians in gaining theoretical and practical knowledge on building science in general and Vastuvidya in particular.
  • Analyzing and evaluating the principles processes and practices of vastuvidya using scientific methodology and integrate them with the development in the engineering science and material science.
  • Undertaking the construction of different types of vastu as part of the research.
  • Setting up training centers, libraries and museum to enhance and store this precious heritage.