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Vastu Shastra

vastu shastra in jaipurWe have attained the knowledge of Vastu Shastra from the four Vedas in particular Rigveda, Yajurveda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. Other than from the Vedas loads of data regarding the Vastu Shastra is accessible in the Puranas and in other aged granthas. The primary reference of the priniciples of Vastu has been found in the Great Rigveda. After the Vedas, four upavedas were additionally formed by the Rishis. One of these upavedas is the Sthapatya Veda, which is the upaveda of Artharva Veda. With the course of time Sthapatya Veda was recreated as Vastu Shastra, The puranas which give the learning of vastu are Garuda purana, matsya purana, Agni purana, Skanda purana, Vayu purana and the Bhavishya purana. The Matsya purana gives point by point learings with respect to shake carvings and the position and enrichment of stately locales and venues. Narad purana gives profitable data perusing sanctuaries. Comparative data with respect to sanctuaries is additionally given in Vayu purana's likewise however this purana manages temples spotted at incredible stature. Skanda purana manages the standards of architectural design of the towns. Metropolitan urban communities of the western human advancement would lose their shine before the principals of private abiding units or private houses. So we find that our classics are storage facilities of such limitless information. ...... Read More

Vastu Courses

vastu courses in jaipur

India is considered the mother of Vastu as the ancient saints have formulated various principal of it...Read More

Vastu Services

vastu services in jaipur

Vastu Shastra is science of direction and is a study that aquires an entire commands over the congnitionof direction....Read More

Vastu Blog

Vastu Blog

Onecould find the proofs of Vastu Shastra during the preiods of Mahabharat and Ramayan. To know more facts about vastu follow us ..Read More

Vastu Downloads

vastu downloads

Download Wonderful Vastu books here...Read More

Vastu Shop

vastu shop

Explore a wide collection of vastu yantras and other vastu products....Read More

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Blog

"ईश पूजा, नैरित भारी, अग्नि अगन जरावै,वायु खुल्ला, नाभि खाली, उही घर राम रखावे" Read More

Vastu Blog

"ॐ वास्तोष्पते प्रतिजानीह्यस्मान्त्स्वावेशोऽअनमीवो भवनः ॥
यत्वे महे प्रतितन्नो जुषस्व शन्नो भव द्विपदे शं चतुष्पदे ॥"Read More

Vastu Blog

"स्नानस्य पाकशयनास्त्रभुजेश्च धान्य भाण्डारदैवतगृहाणि च पूर्वतः स्युः।
तन्मध्यतोऽथ मथनाज्यपुरीषविद्याभ्यासाख्यरोदनरतौषध सर्वधाम।।"
 Read More

Special One Day Class

We are organizing special vastu classes for :

  • cooperates
  • house-wife
  • Shop-Keepers
  • Married Couples
  • Sportsman
  • Politicians
  • saleman.

For more details call us on +91-9414044559.


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